Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pet Peeves

I've been told I'm easy to get along with. Few things get on my nerves.

However! If you want to be sure to get on my bad side, do these:
  • Be two-faced. I live my life in a manner where I always try to mean what I say, say what I mean, keep my promises, tell the truth -- even when it hurts, stand for what I believe, and treat everyone as I would expect to be treated. I expect you to do the same.
  • Be petty. I can be as catty as the next girl, but I don't bite unless I've been bitten first.
  • Be mocking. No one likes being made fun of, so knock it off.
  • Don't listen. At least make an attempt to hear what I'm saying. If you have something to add, at least wait until I've said my piece. And if you're one of those people who carry on multiple conversations at once, or are glued to your phone, please, don't. I want to know I've got your attention. I'll try to do the same for you.
It's not that hard to be respectful and courteous and forthright. And believe me: a little politeness can do amazing things.


Heather S. Ingemar has loved to play with words since she was little, and it wasn’t long until she started writing her own stories. Termed “a little odd” by her peers, she took great delight in exploring tales with a gothic flair, and to this day, Edgar Allan Poe continues to be her literary hero. To learn more, please visit: or follow her on Twitter:

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