Sunday, July 04, 2010

Marble Freedoms

Seeing the state capitol for the first time was unforgettable.

Every piece of stone dripped with artistrty and careful craftsmanship. Every detail -- the bronze fixtures, the frosted glass, the Tiffany lighting, the paint -- had been planned and thought out with the utmost attention to the final product. It was blatantly obvious: beautiful work like this comes only out of love.

The craftsmen who labored for years on this beautiful building did it because they believed in the principles of our great nation. They believed in honor, freedom, and justice for all. They believed in the basic tenets of life, liberty, free speech, freedom to defend one's self and property, and the pursuit of one's own destiny. And they believed in our country and what it could be, so much that they built this vast monument so future generations would not forget what our forefathers gave their lives to create.

I strongly urge you; if you have the chance, visit your state capitol. Read the constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Internalize the Declaration of Independence. Remember where you come from. Understand how we got here. Treasure what you have.

Hold it close and give it up for no one.


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