Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What do you collect?

As a kid, I used to collect Koala Bears. Statues, cards, stickers, anything that had a Koala on it. When I was in the 6th grade a teacher, my favorite teacher, Mr. Hirons...the only Science teacher I ever liked...got me hooked on them with the whole "it's not a bear, its a marsupial" speech. They really are quite interesting. Anyways, it got to be very space consuming with all those little items, so I took up a new collection hobby...mugs...I know. What was I thinking...that didn't last very long either. So anyways, I moved on to something smaller and kinda cool.

I collect post cards. Everywhere I visit, city, place, park, I buy a post card. When my friends travel internationally or anywhere...I have a bunch from a friend who got married in Scotland... I have them send me a card. I keep them in picture boxes and I periodically go through them and look at all the cool pictures.

I also have a bunch of author post cards. When authors have new books out they sometimes get post cards made to send out to advertise. Do you read these cards? You really should. You might find some really cool books to read. What if they were autographed? How cool would it be to have postcards autographed by authors?

If you contact the authors on this Blog, I'll bet they would send you an autographed post card.

And what if I hooked you up and said that everyone who asks for an autographed post cards will go into a drawing to win a FREE autographed book from one of the authors. You don't have to contact me, just hook up with the author here on our Blog and we'll figure it out!

I know it sounds cheezy, but DO NOT post your address on this Blog, e-mail the author of your choice privately and make sure you have your folks permission to give out your address.

And do us a favor...we really want to get things rolling with our Blogs so if you could PASS IT ON!!!

Karen...the Big Cheeze at Echelon Press

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