Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bad Breath

There’s nothing worse in this world than bad breath. Well, of course, there are worse things, but you know what I mean.

This past weekend I flew to and from Fayetteville, NC. I had a book signing there and got a chance to visit by my big sis and mom. By the way, the Barnes & Noble that hosted my signing really rolled out the red carpet for me. Very impressive. Hi Donna! (Donna’s the really awesome Community Relations Manager. You rock, girl!)

Anyway, back to the bad breath. I must have been jinxed. Here’s the low down:

Plane ride there—bad breath victim in my vicinity.
Sitting in the terminal in Charlotte—another chronic halitosis.
Airline attendant—can anyone say shoo?
Plane ride home—I had to put a napkin over my nose.

Not kidding here. I’m wondering, has anyone heard of mints? Or just plane brushing your teeth?

It makes me think of that Listerine commercial where a lady is sitting next to a man on an airplane. He’s snoring, mouth open, obviously stinking up the area. She slips a Listerine strip into his mouth.

Oh, if only I would’ve had a pocket full of those Listerine strips.


Erin said...


Mary Cunningham said...

I can top that, Shannon! I once had a dentist with chronic bad breath! (found another dentist!)


Shannon Greenland said...

Chronic halitosis dentist? Eek!