Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Three Weeks By Boat!

Cynthia's Attic: The Magic Medallion, has arrived! I just got pre-release copies. What a thrill to not only open Book Two in the series, and read the words I sweated and slaved over (not to mention the editors!), but to also feel it! Now, I know this probably sounds weird but, I can't stop "feeling" my book! The cover is a beautiful deep red, and the pages are so white and crisp. It makes me proud to see it, and I'll be even more proud when I can walk into any Barnes & Noble, or Borders, or any bookstore, and see it on the shelves.

It's already for pre-sale in Japan, Korea, France, Germany, among other countries, but what was really funny was to read the Korean shipping description: "Arrival time - three weeks-by boat! Oh well...


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