Friday, December 08, 2006


BFF: Best Friends Forever

I’m spelling it out for all of you old farts (dad) that read this and don’t have a clue what BFF means.

Friends are something else. Some you have your whole life, some come and go, some you meet later and they stick with you.

My long time best friend, Jill Hockman, I met when I was two. Can you believe it? Two. We’ve been attached at the hip every since. What’s funny is throughout our entire childhood we only went one year to the same school. But we grew up on neighboring farms and managed to always see each other. Even later in life when we each moved to a different place, started careers, etc… we still manage to hook up. Now we live states apart and just yesterday I got the best email from her. Love you, Jill!

Then there’s the people you meet and hang out with day in and day out and then one day you realize its been a while since you’ve seen that person. Before you know it, months crawl into years and you wonder whatever happened to him/her. So Amanda from college if you’re anywhere out there, I had a blast hanging with you all those months, eating fondue and being generally obnoxious. Miss you!

And then there are those you meet later in life and you build a real solid mature (eek-never thought I’d say that word) relationship. You share your joys (marriage, children) and your sorrows (divorce, deaths) and you know the friendship is there to stay. So Britta and Shelly and Tara, thank you for all the years of ‘mature’ and dare we say immature times. Love you guys!

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Not Amanda said...

I hope Amanda will read this one day. Maybe you can send out an invite to her and all your old friends to fondue - or even better - to a raclette dinner. Tell'em to bring their friends along!