Friday, December 15, 2006

No Clue

I don’t have a clue what to blog about, but I like to blog at least once a week.

So I’ll just randomly write for a paragraph or so and see what comes out of me. (This should be interesting)

My dog, Guapo, is cuddled up here beside me with his Snoopy doll. Yes, boy dogs can have dolls. Its okay. It won’t mess with their sexual gender. Although, Snoopy’s a boy. So I guess boy dogs can have boy dog dolls. Then again, Guapo really enjoyed his pink Miss Piggy. He enjoyed it so much he ripped it up. Hmmm…maybe he’s trying to tell me something. Because his Snoopy doll has lasted months. And that’s unheard of around here. He generally destroys a new doll within days. So maybe I should take a lesson and buy him only boy dolls. No girls allowed.

I’m going to get a pedicure today. I don’t normally do the manicure/pedicure thing. But I’m going with my girlfriends as part of one of their birthday celebrations. I’m dreaming more about the latte I’m going to have while the pedicure is going on.

My favorite overalls that I’ve had almost fifteen years busted a clasp. I was heartbroken. These overalls are soft and worn in. Their frayed around the ankles from years of use. So I trucked it down to the local seamstress shop (because I’m so totally not a sewing kind of girl) and handed the prized overalls over. She said she’d call. I just checked my voice mail. It’s been four days. I think I’ll call her.

Okay, that’s it for random thoughts. Lets review. Dog. Pedicure. Overalls. Nothing like staying consistent in my brain patterns.


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