Friday, January 19, 2007

The Buddy System

How wonderful that the young boy who was kidnapped in Missouri last week, was found just four days later! Even more amazing was the fact that another boy, taken four years earlier was also returned to his family.

I'm sure, when I was growing up (in the olden days), there were abductions. We just didn't hear much about them. The news networking was slow and tedious. Now, within minutes, a news item is announced to the world via the Internet.

You'd think new technology probably led to finding Ben Owenby and Shawn Hornbeck. Might've helped but, the real hero was a witness who identified a white truck that sped away from the scene. This led police to the kidnapper.

I guess that bring me to my point. Be sure to use the "buddy system." Stay in touch with your friends during the day, and until you're safely home. Report anything suspicious. Don't ever be afraid to report unusual goings-on. You just might help save a friend's life…or save them from four years, or a lifetime of misery.

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