Friday, June 01, 2007

Random Thoughts

Odd enough I don’t have anything to blog about. And usually I’m full of hot air. Lol!

Um, let’s see. What random thoughts will pop into my mind...

I just cranked up my lava lamp and its making really cool clumpy wax designs.

My coffee’s extra strong with this new cream flavor called blueberry cobbler. Hello? Can anyone say yum?

My right arm’s numb where I slept on it weird.

My trusty pooch, Guapo, is fast asleep beside me. Awww...

My digital thermometer died last night, so I have no idea what temp it is outside. But this is Florida, so the temp is most likely warm and muggy.

I’m going to go babysit a friend’s two year old today. We’ll probably just hang out at the kiddie pool.

Okay, that’s it for random thoughts.

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