Saturday, September 01, 2007


It's official. I'm in love...with my new bike. I bought a cherry red beach cruiser. Its even got a little basket on the front. I pedaled all over town today doing my errands. I've decided to call my new ride lollipop. Cute, huh?

5 days and counting until my new book comes out. THE SPECIALISTS: DOWN TO THE WIRE. Everybody say woot-woot!


Anonymous said...

hi i just read the specialists model spy it was the best book i have read all summer i read it in 5 hourrs i stayed up all night and i devoured it i cant wait for your next book.
why dont you come to canada on your tour?

Shannon Greenland said...

Canada, huh? I love Canada. I was there on my 16th birthday and remember it vividly. :)

Anonymous said...

so have you ever been to vancouver?