Friday, October 26, 2007

Wirenut gets his first review!

Hey everyone! Wirenut (book 3 in the Specialist series) just got his first review. Check it out...

Shannon Greenland kept me on the edge-of-my-seat during MODEL SPY, so I was thrilled when DOWN TO THE WIRE hit bookstores. Luckily, my excitement was not short-lived, for Greenland's sequel packs even more punch than the first, and certainly doesn't disappoint. While GiGi was predominately the main character in MODEL SPY, DOWN TO THE WIRE brings her in as a large part of the story; but provides quite a bit of info about Frankie. Frankie is one of the more rugged of The Specialists. He doesn't seem to deal well with authority, and truly has a mind of his own. Despite his rebel-like demeanor, however, he possesses such an amazing amount of knowledge that is sprinkled throughout the story, which will truly make your jaw drop. Of course, the fact that Greenland drops a total bombshell about Frankie's past, and his family, doesn't hurt much either. The relationship between GiGi and Frankie is so enjoyable. They truly possess that brother/sister friendship that makes them interact well. And the fact that there is no sexual tension between them makes the story simpler. Those who read MODEL SPY will adore the budding romance between GiGi and David, as they attempt to find a moment alone to enjoy each other's company, but the romance doesn't stop there. Frankie also gets to meet up with a potential love interest, who is a wonderful new character, and adds a little mystery to the story. Greenland has woven such a fabulous new installment to the series, and provided quite a cliff-hanger ending that will certainly have fans racing to the bookstore to find out what happens next. You don't have to be tech-savvy to love this series!

Erika Sorocco
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I totally agree with that rating >.< the Specialist series totally make me wanna work hard to become a spy >.< even though its harder in real life than it is in novels >.<