Wednesday, June 25, 2008

bike riding is just too much fun sometimes!

Today was an especially fun ride for two reasons. The first is that my dog has shown some apparent husky blood, when, during a speed sprint, he grabbed the leash between his teeth and took off running. Since he was running fairly straight, and there were no obstacles in our path, I just let off the brakes and enjoyed the ride. And let me tell you...that was FUN.

The second giggle was when I was dubbed a "meanie fat-a**," by a four-year-old, to whom I had just (politely) denied permission to pet my dog. For one thing, we were traveling down a hill at a fairly high rate of speed. For another, my exuberant, seventy pound shepherd would have flattened her into a little blonde pancake in his excitement. Sorry, chiquita, you gotta be at least 4' to ride the Siriusmobile.

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