Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kids (& Characters) Just Wanna Have Fun

I'm working on a long-belated project - digging out photos of the miniatures that are mentioned in my book, Searching For A Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystery. Okay, call it a "forgotten" project, coming soon to a blog near you.

This got me thinking about the kinds of things we do in our spare time for fun. Characters, too. After all, who wants to read about someone that does absolutely nothing? BO-RING!

Being curious, my character, Sam and her bff Lita, find themselves enjoying their search for the missing miniature replica of Van Gogh's famous painting, "Starry Night." (That's it pictured. Yes, it's a real oil painting done by an artist. See some other Van Gogh related things in miniature at my blog).

When they finally get into the cranky housekeeper's home by a ruse Sam thought was pretty clever (at first), they discover a whole new world, okay, a small world.

You see, the housekeeper Mrs. Drake is a dollhouse miniatures collector. Why? Because I the author am, too.

The fun of writing is being able to share your own interests, and let the characters - and you, the reader - explore new places, things, and ideas. Even the characters get to have fun and "play" a little.

Life - fictional and real - shouldn't be all work, and no play. So, don't forget to have some fun today, okay?

* Your Turn: What's your hobby? What do you like to do in your spare time?

-- Christine Verstraete is author of Searching For A Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystery

You can buy the book by clicking here.


©Hotbutton Press said...

Good post, Chris. I'm so amazed at how detailed and realistic those miniatures are. Awesome!


Jacquelyn Sylvan said...

My favorite painting ever; have an even tinier version (though not an oil painted one!) on my charm bracelet.

A. Montgomery said...

I've never actually seen a miniture painting, but I can imagine how magnificent they must look!

And I've read your book, by the way. It was great!!:)

J.R. Turner said...

I love to do just about anything "handy" from woodworkin to tatting and bobbin lace. I also love camping--and can never wait for the snow to melt so I can get outside and breath fresh air that doesn't make my nostrils stick together ;)

Of course, I love to read and I can't wait to read Starry Night. I've had a love of handmade minatures since I was old enough to glue toothpicks and cardboard together :) (Like five, I think!)

Great post!

J.R. :)

Chris V. said...

How fun to hear what everyone does! hey Jacquelyn I'll have to steal that charm. ha! I have to assemble mine; have Dachshunds, will have to find a mini-mini-mini Starry Night.

Thanks Alyssa. Hey Amazon could use another comment. ha! Let me know if you're ever in the Illinois/Wisc. area and I'll show you the mini painting in person. that goes for everyone. ha! (Just remind me to bring it: I often forget it at home.)

Living said...

Wait, have you actually published that?
You can feel VERY free to get me to advertise it on in the media section. It's connected to the blog and I hope it jumps in popularity soon.