Friday, January 23, 2009

Prepare for Pixies

Four very different girls are best friends and so inseparable the drum major for the marching band dubbed them The Pixie Chicks when they were freshmen. Together they face the typical challenges of high school (homework and guys) and the atypical mysteries of the secret band hangout known as Hobbitville (how DO those statues become portals?)

Inspiration for the series came from my teenage nights spent sneaking about my hometown on several covert missions through a very unique neighbor's garden. I don't think there's a statute of limitations on trespassing, but still - Shhh, don't tell! No, sadly in our case the garden statuary didn't transport us to other cool gardens, or launch us into curious mysteries, but the risky fun we had made for great adventures – at least in our minds. LOL.

Naturally, each of the characters has their own issues and agendas, but one of my favorite quirks is Austin's ability to know every detail about every hot guy in the vicinity. The other Pixies find this informative and amusing, and more than a little scary. After all, Austin doesn't look like a stalker!

As for me, Regan, I'll be posting to the Teen Seen on Fridays. You can wait for blurbs here, or find out more about me and my books at my website. For example: we foster retired racing greyhounds (you can expect a few to pop up in future Pixie tales), have two keeper greyhounds at the moment, two cats, a parakeet (who is sure he's a small, feathered person) and two finches. It's a little like Noah's ark meets a petting zoo, without the admission fee (or the reptiles). Hmmm...maybe I should change that - the fee, not the reptiles!

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©Hotbutton Press said...

Wow, you can really buy this for two bucks? Kewl!


Anne Carter said...

Hi Regan,

Hey, next time you post, insert a pic of your greyhounds! Everybody loves dogs (and I can think of two other Quake authors right off)- I've often wondered about greyhounds as pets...

I love the term "Pixie Chicks" - it tickles the ear!

(aka Pam Ripling)

Chris V. said...

Love the name, "Pixie Chicks!" Hey Greyhounds sound cool, mellow dogs, though Doxies rule! woof says petey.

Mary Cunningham said...

Love the idea of "Pixie Chicks!" Can't wait to read it.

©Hotbutton Press said...

Hey, for $2, what are we waiting for? Let's download!