Thursday, March 12, 2009

Are you reading GREEN yet? Ebook Week

This is READ AN E-BOOK WEEK, a celebration of reading GREEN.

Why e-books, you ask?

* They're green. It takes 12 trees to produce a ton of paper - and only 5% is recycled, according to environmental notes on the Read an E-Book Week website.

* They take up less space. The Kindle and Sony E-book Reader let you store hundreds of books. Think of the savings in money on textbooks (and less strain on students' backs!)

* Less eye-strain? While not everyone likes to read electronically, you can adjust the text size and font. A bonus for older readers.

* Cost. E-books are cheaper.

Will they replace print books? I doubt it. Books are still something that no one wants to see disappear. But e-books are a good option.

While not everyone likes to read on a computer or other device, I think young readers who grew up with computers think of it as "normal." They're used to reading online and using computers in school. Many writers are used to reading on the computer, also. I know I don't mind reading stories on my computer and think an e-book reader itself would be neat.

Hopefully e-book readers will come down even more in price as popularity increases so that they will appeal to more people and pocketbooks.

** Do you Kindle? Read Searching For A Starry Night on Kindle.

** E-book: Read THE WITCH TREE at Fictionwise - only $1!


Regan Black said...

You make such a valid point about how natural eReading is to those who are growing up with computers.

Like that new pc commercial with the 4 yo who sends a picture to her family. She's a whole lot faster at the upload process than I am - LOL


Iris Black said...

I can attest to Regan's upload speed... ROFL. But seriously, for teens like me, e-readers are just text i-Pods. It's that same instant access feature that our music players provide. I think it's nice that we are using the same concept for books too.


A. Montgomery said...

E-Books are such a great impact on the environment! (And the cost isn't a bad thing either:))


Sadako said...

In theory, I can get behind e-readers...but there's nothing like holding a book and smelling the pages and feeling them crackle. What can I say, I'm old fashioned-like!