Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Page Turning Technology

It's Wednesday, day four of Read An Ebook Week! I've been everywhere I can be, blogging and tweeting about my new-found joy of eReading. Honestly I've been surprised how easy it was to get started and get reading!

Thought I'd miss that new book smell. I was wrong. I'm totally into that instant download gratification.

Thought I'd miss turning pages. Wrong again. I can read Surviving Serendipity with one hand...can you?

The best part? My palm already goes everywhere with me, so I'm never without a book - without having to carry a book!

Discover these great authors in the eBook format that fits you best:

Locker Shock by Pam Ripling

Mr. Mysterious by Alyssa Montgomery

Death Match by Sam Morton

Happy eReading!

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Pam Ripling said...

Wut the hale is all this talkin' bout e-lectronic books anyway? Ah sware, iffin' it ain't one thing, it's another. E-lectronic this, e-lectronic that. Why, next thing ya know, there'll be tellyphones without dials on 'em. Yeah, you'll just be able to shout at 'em and they'll just git yer old man on the phone like that, lickety-split.

Course, if them there e-lectronic books ketch on, I can see wheres they'd be handy to read out in the john, iffin' they light up and all. It's mighty dark out there, speshly at night.

Think I might could trade a coupla hens for one of them Sonnies?

Mavis Rockerporch

Regan Black said...

Thanks, I needed that!



A. Montgomery said...

Great blog on E-Books! Definitely with you on worrying about missing the smell of the books:)


Iris Black said...

And turning the pages... But really, it's not all that hard to give up for one-hand convenience. I can carry a cat AND read a book. Very cool. LOL