Monday, March 09, 2009

E book stuff

I know I missed the whole week of ebook reading and stuff, but I thought I'd put in my five senses, er, two cents here. Oh, I didn't miss it? Cool beans.

My books are available as ebooks, but I don't think I've sold one ... much less done anything to promote them. Mostly because I'm addicted to the paper ones. I'd much rather get coffee stains all over a book than spilling the coffee on my computer. And I don't own a Kindle or Sony reader.

But here's why I'm thinking about jumping aboard. There are a number writers that I've been wanting to 'sample' without having to hoof my way over to the bookstore or library ... and without paying full cost by ordering the book online. And then there's the whole immediate gratification thing (eyebrow wiggle).

I likes the immediate gratification.

It's also something that I expect to be far more popular with my new readership ... teens. Teens are far more willing to get into the electronic thing ... and some who wouldn't pick up a book otherwise may be willing to read on a computer.

So I'm gonna get my toes wet, and if I like the water, I'm a jumpin' in!


here's where you can get my ebooks (click for link):
The Adventures of Guy ... written by a guy (probably)
The Next Adventures of Guy ... more wackiness


Mary Cunningham said...
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Mary Cunningham said...

As Baby Boomer (I just barely qualify on the "old end:) I've been reluctant to give up "real" books.

But with convenience and cost-effectiveness at stake, I've been testing ebooks!

I'm jumpin in too, Norm!

Berta said...

I love my sony reader because of the instant gratification thing, but also because I'm hoping it'll lessen the big piles of books that accumulate all over my house. So far, 65 books on my reader, and it doesn't weigh any more than it did when it was empty! Bad part - not being able to put a book in someone's hands with a "you've GOT to read this!"

Pam Ripling said...

You will jump in. And you will swim. You may not run out and buy a Sondle or a Kiny reader, but your readers will.

I do like that immediate gratification thing, too.


Iris Black said...

Just finished an e-book myself. Loved DFF. But I admit, I never would have tried horror if it hadn't been right there in digital.

Still, it's hard to give up my library of paperback comfort books. Maybe a compromise between electronics and bookshelves is in order?