Sunday, March 08, 2009

Read an Ebook Week Begins

Read an eBook Week is now!!! March 8th through the 14th!

Why is this such a big deal? Because eBooks are going mainstream. This is the week to give another technology advance a try! Here are some reasons eBooks rock:

Reading is flexible! Now you get to read whatever you want nearly anywhere you want. Ebooks don't mean being chained to your desktop or laptop. Having a reader with you means one less thing to carry and you can create new reading moments anywhere, nearly anytime. (I can even read while I brush my teeth if I want)

While Kindle is a great option, most pda's have e-reader software. I read on my palm now. Maybe the cell phone you already own has an e-reader app. This is the week to find out!

Loads of options! Fictionwise, eReader, Amazon (Kindle) are only a few of many sites full of great authors you love and great authors you have yet to meet. All these sites offer the latest releases in ebooks - straight to your pocket, er, device, and you didn't have to wait on shipping or beg for the car keys.

Check out Quake, a publisher who's leading the field by blending cutting edge talent with ebook convenience.

A world of discovery! Ebooks are an affordable, fast, and fun way to discover new authors or test drive new genres. Several authors are providing inexpensive shorts for ebooks sites for just that reason and some sites even offer free ebooks these days.

Personally, I'd never finished a horror novel until D.F.F. (Dead Friends Forever) by J.R. Turner. But she was my first read after I downloaded the free ereader app to my palm. Now I'm addicted to both Turner's Extreme Haunting Series and ebooks!

No more excuses! Go read an eBook this week - Quake is a good place to start!

author of Justice Incarnate, Invasion of Justice, Pixie Chicks and other shorts - all available at your favorite eBook site!

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