Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!

Back in my day, if you didn’t wear green to school, you got pinched! Do y’all still do that? What are some of the traditions you celebrate for St. Patrick’s Day?

Did you ever find a four-leaf clover? Do you have a favorite Leprechaun story? Ever chase a rainbow to see if there really was a pot of gold at the end?

Share with me your favorite St. Patrick’s Day tradition, story, movie or personal tale and I’ll pick four Lucky winners to get a free book thong in your favorite color! :)

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Mark Bentley said...


A contest! What fun! Although, I must be getting REALLY old because I've never heard of a book thong. Sounds painful. :)

Here's my favorite St. Patrick's Day tradition - making sugar cookies shaped like four leaf clovers, then icing them with green powdered sugar frosting. Not very original or exciting, but really, really yummy!

Suzanne Lieurance
Children's Author

Regan Black said...

Apparently pinching remains the tradition around here. I got pinched by both of my teens before I even got to the pot o'coffee at the end of my morning rainbow.

Guess I'd better invest in some green jammies for next year. LOL


shelburns said...

Fun contest! I love the book thong you sent me before and could use another one.

When I was living at home, everything my mother made for my lunch, we brown bagged, was green. She would buy green bread, cut it in shamrock shapes for sandwiches, green tortilla chips and either green sugar cookies or cupcakes. It was so fun and the other kids were usually jealous.

shelcows AT gmail DOT com

J.R. Turner said...

These are great!! Y'all are gonna make it tough for me to pick winners! :)


Iris Black said...

When I was 5, my mom gave me the best sugary St.Pattie's Day surprise ever. (At the time, I believed it to be the work of Leprechauns.) While I was outside, she made green and white pudding parfaits topped with green sugar cookies. Yum!

And yes, we still do the pinching... And much to my friends' dismay, non-shamrock accessories don't count! LOL


A. Montgomery said...

Yup, pinching still exists! Luckily for me I was decked out in green today, so I was in a pinch-free zone:)


J.R. Turner said...

Glad y'all escaped pinching this year! :) I did too! Thank goodness :)

I'll be drawing the four names early in the morning tomorrow as I want to give the late-night folks a chance to respond as well :)

This is fun!! :)


J.R. Turner said...

Looks like I've got 5 folks to pick from today! :)

Heck, let's go ahead and send one to everyone here :) Can't just leave one person out of the fun! :)

Send me your favorite color and snail mail addy to:


And I'll get one out to ya asap! :)


__charli said...


Pinching definitely exsists. I mean I'm in highschool and it's there, trust :).

my favrouite tradition within the family is the tresure hunt in the backyard. I live in Aussie, in a tiny bush town, so the whole street used to get involved. We search for those gold wrapped coins? Some of the best memories of my life :),

Your blog brings out the best in people :D

Blogger :)