Monday, March 16, 2009

Paperbax Giveaway!

This week, I’m really excited to be giving away one of my favorite products ever. It’s called a Paperbax, and it’s a really simple, lightweight device that lets you read books anywhere.

See, it’s a pageholder:

A bookstand:

And a bookmark:

Here’s why I love this thing: it won’t bend your book spine. You don’t have to worry about marking your place with dog-ears, tissues or emery boards. If you’re reading and the phone rings, you don’t have to scramble for a bookmark; just lay it down and walk away. And I’ve actually made money by using mine; my books get so little wear and tear now that I can resell them on Amazon for a really good price.

Oh, and my dog loves it, because I always have one hand free to pet him while I read.

So, here’s the deal. All you need to do is comment on this post, and you’ll be entered to win a Paperbax. You can also earn bonus entries by referring friends to comment. Just make sure they mention your username in their comment. (If you're not set up on Google to comment, just send me an email at jacquelynsylvan@sylvaniamaniaDOTcom, and I'll enter you.)You have until Wednesday, March 18 at 8:00 PM to enter, and winner will be announced on my blog Thursday, where, if you weren’t a winner, you can enter again!

Good luck!

I'd also like to thank the lovely model who agreed to pose for our shoot, Surviving Serendipity. Show your support by clicking the link to buy!


Regan Black said...

Those are so cool! And Surviving Sernedipity is the perfect model! Can I enter?

M. Bartloff sent me from twitter!


Teresa M Burrell said...

What a great concept. Loved "Surviving Serendipity" by the way!

Rose317 said...

OMG, I have been looking for something like that FOREVER. If I can't win one, you NEED to tell me where to use my bday $$$ to buy one. Is there a hardback version?
LOVE all your blogs BTW, now that I'm signed up, I'll comment, I promise! xoxoxo
I was sent to this page by the author - because she's just da bomb!

Iris Black said...

I think these lil gadgets are just the best! No, I don't have one- but I have admired them from afar. Am I qualified?


P.S. I referred myself =)

shelburns said...

This would be perfect! My hands get tired of holding the page. Please enter me!

shelcows AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

What a gret product! I sure could use it... Sign me up! please.

livingmyhappilyeverafter at yahoo

rpdegree said...

This seems like the best product of it's type I've seen yet- especially the part about being able to pet the doggy. I'm thinking 'gifts' here..

A. Montgomery said...

That definitely sounds like a good thing to use when I'm reading my books! They're either too bulky to hold properly or I end up destroying the spine.


Paperbax said...
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