Saturday, March 14, 2009

More, Yes Even More, E-Book Options

Even if you weren't familiar with the Kindle or the Sony e-book reader options, you are now if you keep up with this blog.  There's still another alternative, and it's free!

A program called Stanza, by Lexcycle, is free and is rated as easier to use by some readers.  With Kindle and Sony, you still have to log onto their bookstores and purchase your material. Stanza has a merchant's list (including the Fictionwise Book Store BooksOnBoard eBook Shop, free books from Feedbooks, and offerings from random House and Harlequin) embedded within its programming.

So save a tree and pick up a computer. Read On!


Iris Black said...

I've never heard of the Stanza (or Lexcycle) before. The embedded library is a pretty useful function though!

Iris Black

Regan Black said...

Here's the link to Stanza, the latest app for iPhone and iPod touch.

Happy Ereading!