Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reading with Teens

As the electronic era has taken hold of today's society, people have begun to read less and focus instead on other activities, such as playing videogames or watching television. Yet, reading still employs a great sense of wonder and amazement as the reader engages in a new adventure each and every time he or she enters the world of the author's story.

There are many options available, not only to discover new and exciting books to read, but to discuss the story with other individuals and gain new perspectives on a story that had seemed to only have one angle to it before. A book club can offer new opportunities to find a new favorite book or to even learn new facts or opinions concerning a book that you thought you knew everything about. You can check out your local library to see if they have a book club that would be good for you to join and discuss the chosen book.

Reading can open many new doors, so why not go and pick up a book to read today!

Alyssa Montgomery
Author of Where Are You? and Mr. Mysterious


Pam Ripling said...

Good point about book clubs. My YMCA has one, my local library has one specifically for teens, with a teen advisory board to help run it. I've never belonged to a book club because I could never be sure I could read a book fast enough! It reminds me too much of high school--because isn't lit class kind of like a book club???


Iris Black said...

In elementary school, I was a member of an experimental book club. It was so much fun! We always did a paragraph review, a craft related to the book, ate free food, and had a blast. If only something like that existed in high school... It would provide an escape from the required classics.