Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where's Ms. Scott?

Today the blog book tour for Zamora's Ultimate Challenge continues at Candid Canine! Author Michele Scott will visit with host Christine V about Java - Michele's dog!

This is great because dogs of all kinds are near and dear to my heart! Java's a Rhodesian Ridgeback (a sighthound) We've had retired greyhounds (also sighthounds) for 18 years and as a family we have successfully assisted nearly 20 foster dogs on their way from the race track to happy homes. The dogs are just one component of my domestic zoo, but they keep me happy and make the best reading, writing, and walking buddies.

I know I'll love Java as much as I loved Zamora's Ultimate Challenge. The book tells the action packed story of two brothers who love video games, but now they have to get inside one to rescue their sister! Packed with fantastic challenges and incredible dangers, the boys must conquer their fears (and some deadly beasts) before their sister is lost forever.

Oh! Michele just launched a contest! Buy Zamora's Ultimate Challenge, write a review, and you could win a trip for two to San Diego! How cool is that!?!

So follow me over to Candid Canine for a healthy dose of dogs, plus all the inside info on the amazingly talented Michele Scott and her new release, Zamora's Ultimate Challenge!

Happy touring!
Regan Black

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Pam Ripling said...

Still trying to teach my dog to read. She's stuck on the word "biscuit" on the red box in the pantry.


...heading over to Candid Canine right now!

Martin said...
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Martin said...

"Rescue" That has been a word on my mind all morning. "Rescue" reminds me so much of my Buddy Andy, the main character in my debut novel "Torn from Normal" aka Like a Snowflake in Summer. My apology here in advance for making everyone cry their hearts out as they will read about young Andy. Hopefully I will have some excerpts on my blog within the next week.


Michele Scott said...

Java is finaly where he is supposed t be this morning--up on the kitchen nook couch. He was outside for a good share of the morning sunning himself, which left me feeling lonely. Please visit today, where there are some cute pictures of my big pooch.


Iris Black said...

Love the gaming puppy! And a trip to San Diego to meet Ms. Scott? Beyond cool!