Friday, March 27, 2009

This Blog Has Been Hijacked!

My name’s Gus. It’s really Augusta Lee (after my grandfather, Augustus Leander), but if you aren’t looking for a kick in the shins, you better call me Gus.

Nope, I’m not a teenager, yet, but I’m almost there and I’ve been reading Teen-Seen for awhile and feeling a little left out. I’m up to here with Zamora’s Ultimate Challenge. So what if a couple of kids are sucked into a video game? And puh-leeze spare me anymore problems with those annoying Pixie Chicks. If you're Searching for A Starry Night? Not gonna find it here, so go dig somewhere else, Petey.

Like it or not, I’m hijacking this blog for the day. So there.

BFF, Cynthia, and I grew up together on the same sycamore-lined street. We even sat in the same baby carriage (See pic.)

Guess who’s who. Hint: I’m not the one squalling my head off. (I swear I didn’t pinch her!)

We took dancing lessons when we were little, and had to wear these awful tutus. I cringe thinking of our first (and only) recital when we had to dance and pretend to water crepe paper flowers with pink sprinkling cans, but I did learn the value of taking bows!

Still, I would’ve been much happier in jeans and a t-shirt playing baseball in the neighbor’s vacant lot.

We did have a lot of fun, though, especially exploring Cynthia’s awesome attic.

I’ll never forget the rainy summer day we discovered “the trunk.” It looked pretty ordinary when we first opened it. Ya know, dusty, smelly (I’m starting to sneeze just thinking of it!) old clothes. Just your usual old-trunk-in-attic, look. But, looks can be deceiving as we found out the next time we opened the trunk and were sent back in time to 1914!

I’m here to tell you that Cynthia and I have had some strange adventures and met some cool people in our time travels. Ancestors, including our 12-year-old grandmothers, a ghost-kid named Louis, a gypsy named Gabriella and Blackie, a bad-breathed clown, to name a few. But, if I have to pick a favorite (I know, I know. Nobody said I had to...but I am ‘cause this is my blog. Today!) it would have to be Mud Bug, our old Louisiana Cajun guide. He not only saved our lives on a couple of occasions, he has a very unusual talent. Would you believe he can...Hey! I’m not gonna tell you that! Read Curse of the Bayou and find out for yourself!

Read the Cynthia’s Attic series and find out why I’m so *popular.*

Who's your favorite character? Hmmm? Me?

Your new BFF,

P. S. I will not give up control of this blog until a ka-zillion Curse of the Bayou books have been sold!

Discover the Magic in Cynthia's Attic


Norm Cowie said...

(heard on loudspeaker)

"We have a hijacker on board."

(screams of the Teen Seen bloggers)

The loudspeaker: "Nobody panic. We are in control of the situation."

(bloggers still screaming cuz we're a bunch of woosies)

The loudspeaker continues in a calming voice, "Seriously, we know what the hijacker most deeply fears."

(one of the bloggers - Alyssa, I think, gets ahold of herself - cuz the male bloggers are still screaming. "What's he afraid of?" she whispers.)

The voice on the loudspeaker laughs: "Tutu's. He's afraid of leotards and tutu's"

(the bloggers all cheer and before Gus can react, they jump on him. When they step away, he's wearing a bunch of pink girly dancing clothes which go nicely with his red face.

"Hurray, we've saved the blog," they sing ... except Norm, whose voice would sterilize frogs at a hundred yards.

(hey, Gus, try and hijack this one -

Norm Cowie said...

... and we have nothing against frogs

Norm Cowie said...

...cuz they're amphibians, and we like amphibians.

Norm Cowie said...

The amphibians and I have hijacked the "Comment" field of Teen Seen.

Iris Black said...

And I'm wresting control from the Normian amphibians! Here comes the Biology class scalpel!

Btw, Gus- I'm getting right on those ka-zillion books!


Mary Cunningham said...

Whew! Thanks, Iris. I was afraid that Norm guy was going to steal my spotlight!

btw, Norm, I'm a GIRL! So, I can wear tutus if I want. HA!

Chris V. said...

LOVED hearing from Gus! But Sam says she's getting kind of bossy, ain't she?? (And no, she says she's NOT bossy, too! Well, Lita says otherwise...

Regan Black said...

Yeah, Norm, Augusta as in feminine! Though don't say that on the loud speaker.


Mary Cunningham said...

Hi Chris!

What does Sam mean? I'm not bossy! Maybe I should talk to Lita!


Mary Cunningham said...

Thanks, Regan, for setting that Norm straight! I'll let you get away with calling me Augusta. But, just this once.

Next time, guard your shins.

Your friend, Gus

Regan Black said...

Dug through the closet and came up with old soccer shinguards - ha!


Norm Cowie said...

Crap .. gots to read it.

Same for the rest of you!

Mary Cunningham said...

Awww, you're no fun, Regan.

Norm - read the book! I'm adorable.