Thursday, March 26, 2009

Eat Healthy or Eat Junk, You Decide

With obesity on the rise, eating healthy has become one of our nation's buzzwords. The problem is that many of us don't really know what that means. Do you?

Those thing that you don't usually pay attention to growing up - calories, fat, carbs - do matter.

The book, "Eat This, Not That," is an eye-opener on what some of us eat without even knowing it.

Yeah, unfortunately, the old thing about consuming less calories and exercising more, really does make sense. That cheesy burger looks good, but if you aren't active, it does catch up with you. Guess what girls? That gut hanging over your jeans or that stomach bulge in that tight shirt really isn't attractive. The same goes for guys.

Here's a short quiz on food choices. Can you make the right choice? Read more about some of your favorite restaurants and foods here.

What's better:
A Bagel with cream cheese or a cheese omelet?
B Fish sandwich or chicken sandwich?
C Fruit smoothie or shake?
D Dried fruit or fresh fruit?

(Learn more about the foods and see a list of the top 14 non-healthy health foods)

A Surprise! That take-out bagel can have at least 700 calories and tons of fat! The omelet is a little over half the calories.

B Lean protein wins. That fish can make up nearly a third of your day's calories.

C Get the fruit smoothie but use whole fruit and plain yogurt instead of ice cream unless that's all you want to eat for most of the day.

D The problem is the sugar put in a lot of packaged foods. Fresh fruit is healthy and has no added preservatives or sugars.


Mary Cunningham said...

Eye-opening post! I used to eat a bagel every morning (with cream cheese) until I found out how fattening them were! That's half my daily calorie allowance!


Alyssa Montgomery said...

There's definitely a lot of hidden calories out there! Luckily I'm a fan of fresh fruit:)