Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baby You Can Drive My Car

by Pam Ripling

My first car: Of course, it was older than dirt, older than me, older than the universe.

Have fun with me as I reminisce about my history of driving.

Ah... the 1963 Oldsmobile F-85, forerunner of the popular Olds Cutlass that debuted the following year. Mine got me to school and back, cracked block and all. Four doors, bench seats... I hated my parents. HATED them! The most uncoolest car in the lot.

The Ghia. My beach car. Wrecked it twice before selling it to my boyfriend, who wrecked it again. Great car, bad karma.

Did you know the trunk was in the front? 1969 VW Karmann Ghia. RIP.

Funny thing about driving a BMW. People flip you off for no reason. I wrecked this car, too. Ran over a median curb. Hard enough to set off the airbags. My bad.

We called this '02 530i a "Friday car", because it had so many defects--myth is that Friday afternoon workers are tired and want to go home. 'Nuff said. But it drove like a dream.

I know, I know. I never should have gotten rid of this one. Can you spell C L A S S I C? The 1966 Ford Mustang is still a hot selling car today.

Now this one, my boyfriend wrecked and we then painted it orange. Bad idea. You've heard of orange peel-textured paint? This one was the worst ever.

We called it the "kidney-shaker". Give you a clue? I learned to drive a stick-shift in this monster. Great for off-roading, not the most comfortable vehicle around town.

If you ever get offered a ride in the back, turn it down. Trust me. Take note: 1972 Toyota LandCruiser.

Now this is a car. My beloved '91 Miata. Drove it all the way to Las Vegas and back, alone. Sunburned the heck out of my head. Was worth every mile. Once crammed three kids in it -- please don't tell their parents. I still miss this gem.

Note: Not good when vs. Escalade on freeway.

1973. VW "181" Thing.

Top down, barreling down the I5 into Mexico with my 2 BFF's. Broke down only twice.

How did we live to tell? We called it the square rolling lemon. Wonder why?

Okay, now you know my life in cars. But here's the catch. One of these is a blatant, all out lie. Can you spot the fraud?

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Mary Cunningham said...

The first car I drove was an F-85 Olds! So, I'm guessing this is the fraud. You're not nearly old enough! :>)


The Stiletto Gang said...

My guess is the square rolling lemon is the fake-out. But it might be the Mustang. You definitely had cooler cars than I did.


aka The Southern Half of Evelyn David

Cheryl Norman said...

I'm such a car junkie, you knew I'd love this post! I'm guessing the Thing is really a figment of your imagination, although it's way cooler than that ugly Toyota. No offense. Of course, you know my favorite: the '66 Mustang!

Fun post!


Martin Bartloff said...


I was about to comment on two of your cars, but my comment would extent the length of the actual blog.

When it comes to cars it's hard to shut me up, cars are my life, my and I make my living owning a European Automotive business with a lot full of late-model Mercedes... okay I better shut up.

Great blog Pam, right on the money and thanks for sharing. I'd love to do a post on driving, but it's only this weeks theme and I'm not scheduled this week.


Iris Black said...

Not even going to try and guess the fake- all I know is that Mustangs are classic and I like Jeeps...

And just how many wrecks can one person drive herself into? LOLZ


Alyssa Montgomery said...
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Alyssa Montgomery said...

That's a lot of cars! Love the Miata! And I'm going to guess that the Thing is a fraud!


Norm Cowie said...

I like the cars that can go in the water.

And, flying cars (Back to the Future).

And, flying cars that can go in the water.


Pam Ripling said...

Answer: Likely wouldn't be caught dead in a "Thing" - and no way am I adventurous enough to drive into Mexico! Thanks for playing along, everyone.

Say, I forgot to mention the Honda Prelude, the VW Bus, the two Honda Accords, the Plymouth Villager, the Toyota Corona and of course my current ride, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid! Whew.

Martin Bartloff said...

I had my money on the Miata because the picture looks more like a showcase presentation, not a picture taken if you were the owner. But, I guess I was wrong.

I still admire you Pam, I would have loved to do a blog on cars and pictures, teens love that.