Thursday, April 30, 2009

Driving Me Crazy.....

Sorry Gang, I've been in and out so much visiting schools, I let this get past me. I think my schedule is driving me crazy. Starting today, I'm slowing down.
I started driving at 16 in my brother's old stick-shift jalopy. Although we had some good times piling teenagers into the homemade convertible, we probably took way too many risks.
My first real car came with my first teaching job. It was a 1965 Volkswagen beetle, dark green. It cost $1,800. brand new. We drove it as a second car for years.
I'm driving my third white Dodge caravan. Love it. Love the space, the high seat. My vanity plate says, "Whodunit" in honor of my mystery series.
I know I must trade one day for something greener, but not yet. Thought you might like this picture of my grands driving across my driveway.

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