Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Fashion On The Go

What does one wear for a secret garden excursion? Is it casual or formal? How do you even know where the portals will take your first kiss, or away from a sneaky set-up?

The Pixie Chicks can fill you in. After a night of performing and supporting the football team while buttoned into the slightly itchy wool uniforms, these girlfriends and their marching band pals get comfy in jeans and warm sweaters and head to Hobbitville, secret garden extraordinaire, for some much needed downtime in the moonlight.

Lana, the pixie who never sleeps, provided the following tips for always looking your best:

First, be bold or stay home. I love bright colors and patterns, but in tops, not bottoms. You can dress jeans up or down, from tailored to peasant looks, but patterned bottoms can really limit your options. Like that pic I found of my mom with lime green and navy plaid pants - ACK!

Second, know yourself and your faves. When you wear your favorite colors and styles you'll be more relaxed and at ease in any situation. So if your friends tell you they're planning to pop over to Paris, you'll be ready to tag along. Or if they give you some runaround, you'll look confident while you outline the reasons why you won't be left behind.

Third, it's the shoes, or even better - boots. But puh-lease not those white patent go-go things from the lime-plaid era, or the wannabees that are trying to make a comeback. I'm always the first one out of the ridiculous spat-covered shoes we march in, but the first of us pixies into the shoe department of any store. There's no such thing as too many shoes...Flip-flops or pumps, or those strappy sandals that are so IT this spring...

What? Time's up? As if I don't have lots more to share...maybe I'll sneak into a post or two on Regan's Realm when she's busy with her other stuff. She's working on this whole reading adventure thing...

ttyl, my Fashionistas!
Lana, the sleepless pixie

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Anonymous said...

I love a cute little sandel (I just realized I don't know hwo to spell sandle) with a kitten heel. Easy to walk in, kinda comfy.

And are you saying I need to get rid of my white boots? Really? You don't think they will come back?

Norm Cowie said...

What, no Hawaiian shirt advice?