Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Fashion is Passion

Hey everyone! It’s Melanie Ryder from Alyssa Montgomery’s story, Where Are You?, and I decided to drop by today to talk about …


I think that fashion can be a tricky subject to talk about since everybody has their own fashion. And I think that’s great! Your own fashion can define who you are!

But before I continue, I wanted to make a quick announcement. I was so excited this weekend when…

Cal asked me to prom!

Isn’t that awesome?? I was so excited! And now I can’t wait for the dance to start! But I still need to buy my dress, so on to talking about fashion!

I remember when my cousin went to prom a couple years ago, and she showed me pictures of all her friends dressed up in dresses that looked absolutely beautiful! But the great thing about these dresses was that they were all different! There was not one similar dress in the group, and I think that it proves my point that each person can have their own fashion. These girls chose their dresses based on what they wanted to wear and what they thought was beautiful. And I think that is what fashion is all about – wearing what you want to wear. Each person creates their own style. And when there’s a fashion trend? That’s just when a bunch of people have the same taste in what they like to wear.

So that’s it for me! I’m off to shop for a dress! I’ll see everyone in two weeks for another blog!

The character of Melanie Ryder can be found in Alyssa’s Montgomery’s short story, Where Are You?, as well as in the Heat of the Moment Anthology in the story 9:53 PM.


ghostwriter said...

Hey Melanie, good luck finding that dress! I think my other favorite thing to look for was the garter, believe it or not.


Pam Ripling said...

Indeed, the dress is a big part of Prom! Feeling like you look good makes all the difference between having an awesome time or a so-so time.

Comfort is important too! You don't want to be tugging at a strapless, plunging neckline or constantly pulling up a spaghetti strap that just won't stay.

Good luck!