Monday, April 06, 2009


I'm going to do two posts today ... cuz it's my turn ... and I wanted an opportunity to put in my 'too sense' on the gaming topic.

Today's week is Fashion week, and I have a lot to say on the subject.

Like ... um ...

Lessee, I'm sure I have something to say on the subject.


Okay, fine, I don't have much to say about fashion. My idea of fashion is whether to wear a red or a green Hawaiian shirt. My wife needed a court order to get me to stop wearing really short hide-nothing terry cloth shorts (actually, the main reason I stopped wearing them is because they stopped making them).

In my books, I rarely discuss what my characters are wearing, or much about what they even look like. I took Stephen King's advice about writing and only describe something if it furthers the story.

That way you don't get bored (eye wiggle).

When it's important, though, I do. It was important that you know the sorcerer (Thurman) only wears black clothes. In my story in "Missing", when Thurman disappears, the characters mention that since he took to wearing a camouflage jacket he might not be missing - they just couldn't see him.

Otherwise, they wear normal duds, so I don't take the time to describe them and can get on to the the general hilarity that is my writing.

But there is something I like about fashion ... yep, Super Models.

That's all, y'all.



Martin Bartloff said...

Well done Norm.


ghostwriter said...

You and me both about fashion, Norm. Except super models don't do it for me!