Thursday, April 02, 2009

Role Playing

This is a photo of the favorite video game of the teens at the Schaumburg Township Library right now. At our March Teen Tech Week lockin, we had this on a wall-sized screen for hours. Many staff also decided to play the Bon Jovi songs especially, and bad singing was heard from most of the adult staff...It's much better when the teens rock and sing.
We have a Game Design Group, and a Gamers Group, along with tournaments and special events like the lockin. All of these programs are designed by teens.
Role Playing Games are still popular on the terminals at the library too after school. Do any of you play Runescape? Teen Second Life? Sims? Did you play Animal Crossing or Webkins when you were younger? All are addictive (even for adults...). What is your favorite part of these games? Some of the teens at the library like building the houses or clothing for the Sims. Others like the relationships and building careers. Some like visiting with friends over the internet with characters. Role Playing is like a choose your own adventure book - you get to decide what happens to your character and what to do next. Writing a book is a total RPG for the author.
Zamora's Ultimate Challenge has characters who get a little too into gaming. Now is your chance to add to my mini RPG here. Back in the day, RPGs were all text. Hard to imagine, I know, but try to add what happens next in the comment here.
You are walking down the hallway at school, but no one is around. You hear a loud thump from the stage in the auditorium.
You -
What happens next? I know my beginning isn't that creative, but you can fix it! You can add to my start, or add to the comments and keep the story going.
This is fun to do with friends, too, especially if you are all into creative writing.
Schaumburg Twp. Dist. Library, IL


Anonymous said...

Good post. Kids love games!

Martin Bartloff said...

I can sing better than any teen :) but I'm a total geek when it comes to video games :(


Mary Cunningham said...

"You are walking down the hallway at school, but no one is around. You hear a loud thump from the stage in the auditorium.
You -

Find the back entrance to the stage and quietly (creeeak) open the door and peek inside."

I loved RPG's and used to play them all the time. Don't seem to have the time anymore.


Pam Ripling said...

I am taken back to Thanksgiving, last year, just after the turkey dinner had been consumed and dishes were stacked in the sink. Dessert was forthcoming, but the "youngsters" of the family--sibs and cousins alike--had all retreated to the master bedroom. As the pie was being cut, I trekked back there and peeked in, only to find my 26 & 23 y/o sons, 13 y/o daughter, 17 y/o niece, 19 y/o nephew all hanging on to fake guitars, an abbreviated electronic drum set and one had a microphone. They were belting out "Smoke on the Water", and it was all I could do not to collapse into fits of laughter.

What a beautiful site, that.


Alyssa Montgomery said...

I used to love playing the Sims! But I definitely have to say that I am not the best singer... Haha.


Norm Cowie said...

You are walking down the hallway at school, but no one is around. You hear a loud thump from the stage in the auditorium.
You ...

... whip out your portable thump catcher ... and go in search of the thump.

This is important because thumps are strange beasts and they can't be allowed to lurk around... loud thumps in particular, and especially in a school.

Loud thumps can portend many a horrible thing, be it a freshman's head smacked into a hallway locker, someone finally collapsing under the weight of her book bag, or, worse, Mr. Smith's toupee hitting the ground after a stiff wind.

To be continued ...


Norm Cowie said...

... when I got to the auditorium, I found that the thumps were not what I expected.

It was worse.

Somehow along the line, my cat must have hitched a ride to class, and somehow slipped out of the car without me seeing him.

He snuck, sneaked? ... whatever .. into the auditorium because the kids were practicing for their upcoming show of Cats.

My cat, being a cat of the feline persuasion, heard all of the faux meowing and caterwauling and it impinged upon his feline pride, so he went into the auditorium, bearing a Louisville Slugger ... a baseball bat if you didn't know ...

Clutching it impossibly and creatively even without opposable thumbs, he worked his way stealthily into the auditorium and ...

(to be continued)

Norm Cowie said...

and as my cat slipped on clever little cat feet into the auditorium, he spied a thump slithering through the shadows.

Not just any thump, you realize, a loud thump.

So doing what any nature-abiding cat would do, he thumped the thump with the Louisville Slugger.

The end.