Friday, April 03, 2009

The Wii (ウィー ?)

Wikipedia: The Wii (ウィー ?) (pronounced as the English pronoun we, IPA: /wiː/) is a home video game console released by Nintendo.

All I know is that Wii (ウィー ?) is a lot of fun!

A little reluctant to make such a large purchase, I finally gave in at Christmas and let this be "our" one present. Wii (ha-ha) started with Game Party (darts, hoop shoot, shuffleboard, skill ball, table hockey) and graduated to Carnival MiniGolf, Endless Ocean and the ultimate challenge, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09. Hubby was pumped for this one, and probably invisioned his skills to equal Tiger's successful return after knee surgery.

We didn't even make it to Tiger before discovering the ultimate challenge...trying to get our Wii remotes to work! I'm sure if a 16-year-old, or even an 8-year-old had been here, we would've been playing in a matter of seconds. Took us about an hour to hit the first shot off the # 1 tee at LaQuinta.

Another challenge was keeping from spraining our wrists with the remotes or throwing them through the TV screen on the follow-through! As we learned, Wii injuries/accidents are pretty common. (See Utube video below)

Had any mishaps? Broken TV's, wrist or head injuries. Share!

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Chris V. said...

Wii is pretty fun. amazing how it's used in so many places like nursing homes and for therapy. But Guitar Hero is fun too! Real addicting!

Pam Ripling said...

Finally, a blog about something I've played! One of the side benefits of my oldest son returning to the nest was the addition of his Wii to the household. Or more specifically, his "Wii-Fit". So much fun! No injuries, unless you count the back pain the next morning after doing the ski jumps and yoga...


Amy said...

My five year old gets really upset if I don't use the wrist strap, as I tend to energetically fish with Animal Crossing. Wait until the men in your family discover the Lego Star Wars or Indiana Jones. The good news is my older son gets lots of exercise...

Gay said...

Guitar Hero is the family favorite in our house. We preface our nightly TV viewing to allow the DVR to get ahead (so we can skip through the commercials), and Dance Dance Revolution is great for giggles (at your clumsiness) and burning calories at the same time--make sure to buy a second mat so you can have dance-offs. I prefer the up-and-at-em games, except Guitar Hero where we have a family band: bass (that's me), drums (daughter) and lead guitar (hubby). Need to get the microphone next.

Mary Welk said...

My six-year-old grandson can beat me at Wii baseball, and he's not even in Little Leaugue! I tell you, it's downright embarrassing. As for Guitar Hero, my daughter took my drumsticks away and banished me from the room when I improvised on the drums instead of "obeying the rules". These kids! They're so uptight today! :)

Mary Cunningham said...

Does anyone use Wii Fit and like it? I've heard mixed reviews.


Norm Cowie said...

I screwed up my right shoulder playing Wii tennis, switched to my left ... which proceeded to get screwed up.

I couldn't swim for a couple days.

I've learned since that you just flick your wrist - rather than swing your whole arm like a wildman.

Anonymous said...

My favorite Wii activity is driving the race car. Zoom! I go racing along on and off the track. It must be good for me because it always increases my heart rate.