Friday, May 08, 2009

The Guy's Side for the Gals

While most guys try to keep cool and calm about prom, in reality they are probably shaking in their boots for a number of reasons. Yes,ladies have a million things to do, but guys also have a laundry list of responsibilities. Sure we don’t have the hair, the dress, or the makeup to put up with, but we do have the tux, corsage, limo, dinner and the monetary responsibility that comes with taking someone to the prom.

Ladies, you know not to judge your date by what kind of restaurant you go to, or if he can afford a limo or not, right? The trick is to be sensitive. For guys, the prom can bring up a myriad of issues that I assure you we worry about. How does my tux look? Are my shoes shined? I hope she doesn’t think I look silly. I hope she doesn’t think this restaurant stinks. I hope she is really alright with not having a limousine. I can’t dance and I hope I don’t look stupid. The list could go on and on, but know that while we try our best not to show it, we are nervously excited, too. A lot of us try to pass it off as a joke. So if your date is acting like he doesn’t care, be nice and go with it, he is probably just trying to cover his own insecurities.

Just like you, ladies, guys just want to have fun. Most prom dates will usually go well, but there is always the chance that some strangeness could sour the night. Should your date suddenly clam up or seems nervous, just talk to him. Joke around, ask him light hearted questions and let him know that you are relaxed. Guys will happily answer your questions no matter how trivial they might seem. The key is communication. Talk before hand, talk during the prom and don’t leave him standing in the corner too long.

The prom is all about having fun. Remember you only get two, so make the most of it. Dance, laugh, dress up, and have the time of your life.


Ophelia Julien said...

Thanks for posting that perspective. Prom is fun but sometimes I think all the hype can leave everyone a quaking mess on the inside!

Alyssa Montgomery said...

It's interesting seeing it from the guy's perspective! Prom really seems to be a giant worry-fest beforehand for both the girl and the guy ... Luckily that's all gone by the dance!


Martin Bartloff said...

Nick, Great pictures and awesome save on prom. Heading over to your personal blog now.
Everybody here is Nick Valentino's link to his blog


Pam Ripling said...

Great job in showing the other side. Also like Alyssa's label of "giant worry-fest" - that's really funny! But true.

I also think transportation is another big worry. Who will drive? Lots of teens are driving on restricted licenses at this age. Does Dad have to chauffeur, if a limo is out of the question? (Gawd! I'm envisioning Napoleon Dynamite's uncle's car... shudder...)