Saturday, May 09, 2009

Is it a Date?

Hey! My name's Samantha Lansey- Sam for short. Everyone on Teen Seen has been talking about getting the dress, going dancing, and all that other, well prom-y stuff.

But it'll be another year before I'm a junior and rate an invite. Even then, prom will be interesting to say the least.

It's going to be pretty hard finding a date. What with all my guy friends chasing off any interested males and refusing to take me themselves. Fact is, I'm missing the whole "date-required" aspect...

The best part about prom is that you don't need a guy. You can have just as much fun with one of the girls! Good thing I have Vanessa, for times like these. She's the ultimate guru in all things girly. She's been on a quest for our "perfect" dresses since she could flip through a magazine. (Vanessa's had her eye on something like the blue one above for quite a while.)

Me? Well, I don't mind dressing up, but I'm happy to let Vanessa take point on this mission. Apparently, next year the two of us are going to get our hair and nails done in the afternoon, go downtown for some fine dining in the evening, and head on over to the dance.

See? It's all good, healthful fun. I can't wait to see the dress that V finds for me this year! And maybe I might just tweak the plan, if only I can get Jared to ask me out... Food for thought!

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Ophelia Julien said...

Sam, your attitude about prom is a lot more grounded than mine was, when I was a Sophomore. The idea of it both enthralled and terrified me, so I'd say you and V have your heads on quite straight!

Alyssa Montgomery said...

I hope you can convince Jared to ask you out!


Norm Cowie said...

Um ... just for the record, I'm glad Promp-week is over.

I felt the same way about it when I was in HS.