Saturday, May 09, 2009

Interview with a Prom-pire

The room is chilled, fifty-two degrees tops. I’m zipping up my jacket and rubbing my hands for warmth.
Intimidating he sits across the table from me, t-shirt and shorts, a hideous grim on his face like he is mocking me. His teeth flash in silence, compromising my normally healthy self-esteem.

Logan, a nineteen-year-old high school graduate and volunteer prom-oholic, came slightly early to share his wicked, ill-twisted prom adventure in an interview with me today. I don’t know anything about prom, but the word alone gives me chills. Bugging me for years I ventured out into the unknown. I had to find out, what is a “Prom” all about!

Logan, say, what can you tell me about Prom?

There are four main aspects of prom- 1. The look, 2. The dinner, 3. The Dance, and finally 4. The After Prom (Party). The look- As for me, I wore a nice black tuxedo (rented), which I thought looked perfect. I made sure my hair was cut and correctly not in my eyes so that pictures were nice and so that I didn’t look like a hoodlum.

And tell me about your prom-date and what she looked like.

As for my prom date, she was stunning… a blind man would have even thought she was a vision. She wore a beautiful light pink dress with her hair in a pony tail and curled from the tail down. She was definitely breath taking, and will always be one of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen in my lifetime.

You’ve mentioned dinner. What is the significance of the dinner and where did this take place?

The dinner is important, it is supposed to be both elegant and classy. We went to a nice Italian restaurant called the Brio Tuscan Grill. It was a great place to eat dinner and we ate with three other couples that were in our “prom group” (basically the group you are going to prom with). It was a great dinner and I definitely felt like I was high class and more fancy than I had ever been. It was just great to be together as a group sharing a nice dinner and just sharing the overall event with each other.

So after dinner you took your mistress to a dance on a full stomach, how did that go and where?

The dance was extraordinary. Everything was perfect. Our prom’s theme was ‘A night in Venice’. It was captured by many references to beauty in structure and by the redone gymnasium and mess hall. The gymnasium was all covered in a beautiful velvet/blue cloth that was accented by a bridge and a dim lighting like what you would expect Venice to be like at night. The mess hall had a great fountain right in the center… but not water… chocolate. It was an amazing sight, and all around the fountain there were many sweets. I’d say the most memorable part in all was the dancing in general. The fact that you feel alone on the floor with your date, you believe that it is one night to remember on vacation or just a honeymoon that has taken your breath away.

And I take it after the dance you both got a little tipsy and wild. You know where I’m going with this?

You would expect drinking and sex right? No… my after prom party was thrown by my high school. The high school each year throws an after prom party at the local YMCA where they have a casino room where you can play different poker games, along with a game room, a room with food, and a common area where people and just hang out. Each event you do you get a ticket for, and the tickets you got could get you prizes if they were drawn from the prize box at the end of the night, 5AM. It was a very safe time for a lot of my senior class and there were over 500 people there which means that there were 500 people who did not drink and drive that night of prom. It is very safe and probably the most memorable part of prom itself because it could very well be the last time you ever share together with your classmates besides graduation.

Ok I hear we’re running out of time. Looking back, what would you like to share, in one final sentence, with our audience reflecting back on your prom?

Prom overall was one of the greatest events of my life.

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Ophelia Julien said...

Logan sounds like he had the kind of prom experience everyone is hoping for. And the picture is terrific. Great job, Martin! Did it clear things up for you or raise more questions about this very American custom?

Norm Cowie said...

Proms and marriage ... two very ( ) experiences.

(fill in the blank, yourself)


Alyssa Montgomery said...

Sounds like such a great and memorable time!


Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for a while now... Today I finally decided to leave a comment. I am simply blown away at the things you blog about!! I am really enjoying your blogs Martin! You have "hit the nail on the head" with this one, because this is exactly how I think of my prom!!! My prom was last year! Everything you said was so true!!! I really find your blogs to be creative and entertaining!!! Also, I must add that your blogs are greatly thought out and well put together! Keep up the good work and I'll keep reading! :-)


Pam Ripling said...

So THAT'S what proms are like!!! Well described. Thumbs up!


Martin Bartloff said...

Thanks so much Pam, Logan is keeping up with the blog, he gets so thrilled to find any comments. The kiddo put a couple of days in this along the side of me. He was very excited when I asked him to work on a blog with me on a topic that I knew nothing about.

He's done two proms and if you click his name it take you to his prom pictures.