Wednesday, May 06, 2009

You Go For the Dancing!

Prom when I was a junior was full of good news and bad news.

Good news: I had a date (my super cute boyfriend), a killer dress, and no curfew to interfere with the after party.

Bad news: My knee was toast, surgery imminent, and dancing was a major question mark.

If I could even attend Prom was a big question when they scheduled my surgery for the Monday before the Saturday night event.

The good news was they could fix the knee - the bad news was they weren't sure what would be required. The good news, I had the best surgeon in the state - he worked on all the college football players so the man knew his knees (and mine too, I hoped). The bad news, (way back at the beginning of the Bronze age) this new thing called arthroscopy might find a more serious, involved problem.

I was determined to know if I would dance on Saturday. No one could tell me until after they went into the knee. Grrr. But not having the surgery guaranteed NO dancing. More grrr.

I won't bore you with the gory details of pre-op (where my dad totally embarrassed me by asking the surgeon if I'd be ready for spring training)...or post op where I embarrassed myself by asking repeatedly if I'd be going to prom.

Suffice it to say I spent Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday rehabbing my knee, making sure I could walk properly without staring at my feet and planning my hairstyle for the big night.

By Saturday there was only good news: I was walking well, we had a great time, and we danced and danced and danced.

My prom memories are second to none - I hope you enjoy yours!
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by the way, that's a Renoir called Dance at Bougival


Mary Cunningham said...

Can't believe you were able to rehab your knee that quickly, but glad you were able to go to the prom!

Great story. Thanks for sharing it.


Martin Bartloff said...

Didn't your daughter just had similar knee surgery?


Pam Ripling said...

And the soundtrack I'm hearing in my head is "I Could Have Danced... All Night..."

Great story!


Regan Black said...

Hey, Mary I was one determined girl!

The daughter is recovering from her 3rd knee surgery (I only needed one - ha!) but at this rate, she'll be dancing by next year's winter formal.

Now your soundtrack is in my head Pam!


Alyssa Montgomery said...

Such a great prom 'fairy tale' story! Sounds like you had a blast!


Ophelia Julien said...

The song that left in my head was "And We Danced" by the Hooters. What a great story! I went to my junior prom (March - ?) with bandages on my feet from surgery (in November.) But this was waaayy before even your Bronze Age!