Saturday, May 30, 2009

Your Carry-on Must Fit in the Overhead Bin or Beneath the Seat in Front of You...

In many ways, a pet peeve is the best kind of pet to have. You don’t have to feed it or walk it or anything. Other people do that for you. My biggest pet peeve is people who, when they fly, believe they have to bring everything they own onto the airplane and try to stow it.

It’s called checked luggage, people. Look into it.

This isn’t the third world. You don’t have to bring your suit case, your overnight bag, your duffel, your shopping bags, your umbrella, your purse, your goat and two chickens on board.

This is a semi-round tube of aluminum where a half inch one way or the other could make the difference between an uneventful flight or a knee crushed by a drink cart.

Yes, I know airlines are notorious for loosing baggage, and I know that certain items are too fragile or valuable for you to check. But do you HAVE to bring on a tote bag with your jeans and t-shirts?

People, people, people! They even have Walmart stores in China now. Look into it and next time you fly, CHECK YOUR BAGS!

P.S. And don’t get me started on those people who HAVE to unclick their seatbelts, jump up and open the overhead bins before the planes reach the gate because they are SO important, they HAVE to be the first ones off the plane…sheesh!


Anonymous said...

What gets me is the person behind you who snorts and grumbles because you tip your seat back. Like I'm gonna sit straight up on an eight-hour flight!! It never bothers me when the person in front of me tips back (But then I don't have a huge, fat stomach.)

Norm Cowie said...

I dunno. If you bring the chickens, and the plane goes down, you can use their wings to ...

(oh, wait)


Pam Ripling said...

Oh, boy, there's a whole lot of air travel etiquette that people choose to ignore. I like to fly, I make the best of it when I do. I wish more people would just lighten up and enjoy the ride.