Friday, July 10, 2009

GirlForce: It's all about Girl Power!

Isn't amazing the things you run across when you go Blog hunting? Today, Teen Seen is featuring author and female extraordinaire Nikki Goldstein. Read the next paragraph and you will get to know her a little better. But I don't necessarily want to focus on the woman as much as I want to focus on what the woman has to offer, so read on, then get into the really good stuff.

Nikki Goldstein has worked as a beauty editor and writer for Marie Claire, Vogue, Elle, InStyle and Cosmopolitan. Motivated by her own experiences, she decided to share the positive impact of Ayuveda - and in doing so help millions of girls across the world to feel fantastic about themselves.

The web site name says it all. GirlForce. It's all about the girls. How they think, how they act, how they feel, everything. There is so little focus on what happens in a persons life before they become an adult. Is it any wonder that there are so many women who hit adulthood and have no idea who they are or what they want?

Nikki Goldstein has established a place for the girls to get a better feel for themselves and to know how to deal with the things life throws at them, so they are better prepared for womanhood. Knowing yourself through your own eyes is so crucial to stable personal growth. Nikki addresses these issues and so many more on her web site.

Body Type. A little quiz to help you view things from your perspective.

Once you've pinned it you can take a look at the Body Type Snapshot. I wish I had had someone to offer me positive influence when I was hitting "that" age.

Next we give a listen to our Voice. It's not just how you say or how you sound saying it. It is more about what you are saying.

I love the Quiz page. Always a bit of a fiend for them in the magazines, Nikki targets things that are important to girls, not so much what is important to the people in a girls' life.

Need a little time to chill? Visit the Meditation page and let yourself regroup. Personally this isn't something I would have thought of for girls, but life is hectic for everyone, not just those over twenty. Focusing on your inner self is equally as important as the shell and Nikki makes sure that her readers and viewers get that.

With a special Forum for the girls, Nikki offers a place to ask questions and delve into those topics that are important to every girl, no matter what.

But Nikki doesn't stop there. She's plenty of stuff for the parents dealing with the their daughter's changes from childhood to womanhood. When you visit Getting To Know Your Daughter, you know you aren't alone.

I encourage every parent or aunt, or relative or even just a friend to buy a copy of GirlForce
for a Special Teenage Girl in Your Life.

Karen Syed, former teenage girl

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Nikki Leigh said...

Hi Karen

Thank you so much for sharing this information with your readers. GirlForce is such a great resource for teen girls and I totally agree with you that I wish this book had been available when I was a teen :)

Nikki Leigh