Monday, August 03, 2009

Amusement Parks

As I sit here, I am racking my brain to figure out if I've ever been to an amusement park.


Really really.

I come from a small town -- one of those "Old West" towns were there is more wildlife and livestock than people, where everyone knows you AND your family, and where a hard day's work still means something. My family and I rarely traveled, though when we did, we made sure to hit all the museums and historical sites we could find. I've been to Little Bighorn, the Museum of the Rockies, Fort McCloud (where the Canadian mounties do their musical ride), Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe, The IMAX, and many more. I've also been through more National Parks than I can count.

But never any theme parks.

This September, my job will be flying me to a major library conference on the other side of the United States. This will prove to be quite an adventure, since this will only be the second (yes, second!) time on an airplane in recent memory. In preparing for my trip, I've been reading all I can about the city I'll be flying to...

And come to find out there's not one. Not two. But THREE amusement/theme parks in the near vicinity...

I am beginning to wonder if this is an omen? Will this be my first time visiting an ACTUAL Amusement park?

They do say, you're never too old... :)

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