Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Most of my friends agree that amusement parks are, quite simply, awesome. The legendary eighth grade trip to Hershey Park in June was no exception. (It might have had something to do with Hershey not only having the coasters but also Chocolate World.)

When my grade streamed off the buses upon arrival, the sky was providing a constant drizzle, but I’d promised myself that I wouldn’t let rain detract from the experience (I figured this would be easy, since I love rain). My friends and I grouped up and, after determining we were all “Jolly Ranchers”, hit the park.

The drizzle steadily turned to rain, which alternated between large drops and a soaking deluge. Ponchos sprouted up everywhere, but all I had was my sweatshirt, which turned useless pretty quickly. Most of my friends were wearing sneakers, but my best friend and I were in flip-flops, so we were slipping all over the walkways. After a while we gave up ducking for cover every time it poured and instead took those chances to get in lines. One of the most vivid memories I have of that trip is spinning around on the Claw and cold raindrops splattering my cheeks as I laughed. (Instead of screaming on thrill rides, I laugh my head off—if you’re ever next to someone on a roller coaster who seems to be in a fit of hysterics, she’s not insane, she’s just me.)

By the time we made the trek to Chocolate World for dinner I knew the true meaning of “soaked to the bone”. That, however, made the experience so much more memorable than a regular sunny day would have been—and now any time my mom tells me to “take an umbrella” I can say, "I survived Hershey Park—this is nothing!"

I'm the youngest Quake author ever! Look for Rain, coming soon from Quake!


Regan Black said...

Hershey Park is one park I still need to visit. Sounds yummy - though I admit I'd rather do it in the sunshine.


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moi123 said...

Still, time with friends is the best, no matter what the environment is. This trip sounds like a blast!!!