Monday, September 07, 2009

Back-To-School Nightmares!

Back to school, known in my book as night terrors! Admit it. You've had these awful nightmares, too where you're sitting in class – whether it be high school or college – you're faced with the big exam and you haven't opened a book in days. Weeks! Or, in my case, Years!!

This is how the Dream Dictionary interprets this dream (nightmare):

This dream may be interpreted on several different levels. If you are the student you may be feeling inadequate or lack self-confidence.

Ya think? Isn't that the nature of all authors? My school nightmares are always the same. I'm sitting in class, happy, confident, no worries until I realize I'm staring at an opened textbook and have no clue what it contains.

The class is always some terrifying subject like Near Eastern Languages and Civilization, or Applied Physics. I start to squirm, sweat and try to sort out how I got away with skipping class for a whole year...or ten years, and begin to madly cram for a semester exam. Dire consequences await if I don't pass. I won't graduate! I'll be publicly humiliated! (see above - inadequate, lacking self-confidence) Worse yet, although I'm a full-grown adult, I'll be grounded by my parents!

Have you had a back-to-school dream? Leave a comment below.

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Teresa M Burrell said...

I never had those "back-to-school" nightmares as a student. I had a few as a teacher though.

Teresa Burrell