Saturday, September 05, 2009


Growing up, breakfast was always the same. There were four children in my family and we always ate breakfast with our parents. Grace was said, then we ate the same meal every morning. I remember one soft-fried egg, one or two slices of bacon, one piece of buttered toast, a small glass of orange juice (which Mom always told us to drink first) and a glass of milk. No questions asked, no options. It would have seemed ridiculous to ask for anything different. This was breakfast. Except on Sunday. Then we would have pancakes or sweet rolls with our milk and juice. After breakfast, we brushed our teeth and went to school, or church, or if it was Saturday, outside to find out what the neighbor kids were doing. breakfast is still the same every morning. Oatmeal with fresh blueberries sprinkled over it, and a cup of hot tea. Why? Because I hear that it's good for me. I take exception when I travel or have house guests. Then it's usually eggs and something sweet with my tea.
When I traveled to Europe, the breakfasts were so disgusting. Luke-warm coffee. Blood Sausage in England. Cold cuts and cucumbers in Paris and Rome. Germany and Austria did serve us scrambled eggs with bacon and toast. No good American breakfast anywhere.
Here's the recipe for easy, delicious sticky rolls for company: Grease a bundt pan. Add a pkg of frozen yeast balls. Shake one pkg of butterscotch pudding over the frozen dough balls. Sprinkle a half cup of brown sugar, some cinnamon, some pecans, over the dough next. Then, pour a stick of melted butter over it all. Cover with a towel and let stand overnight on the kitchen counter. In the morning, pop it into a 350 oven for 30 minutes. Invert on plate and presto! Warm and wonderful! (Your guests will think you slaved all day.)

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