Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kaylee and Killer Kali

I've been in love with the strange and unusual all my life so it's no stretch for me to delve into cultures and myths beyond those I was raised with. In fact, I find learning about all the fun creatures that populate fables and fairytales around the world to be pure entertainment, and inspiration.

When writing School's Out 4Ever, the sequel to DFF: Dead Friend's Forever in the Extreme Hauntings series, I knew this time I wanted the haunting to reflect the different cultures represented in the melting pot of our nation. Anyone who's ever had a history class knows the whole world helped settle the U.S. back in the day.

This time I borrowed architects from Europe and a pretty awesome creature from Hindu mythology, Kali. In my book, she's a misunderstood goddess of destruction and death. It was fantastically fun to merge this belief with Kaylee's world of angels and demons.

What are some of your favorite creatures?

J.R. Turner is the author of the Extreme Hauntings series. The first book, DFF: Dead Friends Forever is available at, Kindle, Fictionwise, and Echelon


Nick Valentino said...

Ahhhh, I love this subject. It's a lot of fun to mix other supernatural beings in your stories. Personally I like Hecate.

J.R. Turner said...

I totally feel the same way :) If there's one regret in my life, it's that I haven't been able to experience different cultures fully--only through the different ones represented where I've lived. (Humong, Hispanic, Japanese, etc. neighbors, but never in those countries personally.)

I hope to rectify that as soon as I'm able :)

In the meantime, I love learning about them :)


April said...

You know, this aspect/topic is something that I would really love to learn more about. Great post and you know how much I can't wait for your new book!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish you health and happiness every day!
Ich wunsche Ihnen Gluck und Gesundheit jeden Tag!
Je vous souhaite sante et bonheur chaque jour!