Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pop Culture

Pop Culture… Let me see…

For me, I guess the question is how pop culture is derived. I mean, how does a person, or a song, or a fashion statement suddenly rocket to the top of everyone’s list and become a part of our pop culture? Is there a magic touch? Is it totally random? Is it simply a matter of people trying to keep up with the times and following a trend?

Pop culture defines who we are. It reveals what our current likes and dislikes are as well as our previous likes and dislikes. And it is everywhere around us. Magazines, books, movies, songs, artists...

So here’s a question I want to pose: What do you think describes pop culture? Suppose someone comes up to you and asks you that question, what immediately jumps into your mind? A face? A definition? A song? Something else entirely? For me, it’s music that pops into my mind, but everyone one is different. So what about everyone reading this?

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