Monday, March 22, 2010


What freaks me out?

Hmm. I could say the usual... I could say it freaks me out when I'm told I have a math test coming up, or when I witness bigotry, or when my cousin wears a maroon sweater with a bright orange tee shirt sticking out the bottom (despite how many times I make a pointed remark about how much my eyes are hurting. I think he thinks I get migraines)...

But I think I can classify those as rational. I do, however, have a completely irrational fear.

Hedgehogs freak me out.

I don't know why, or how they started, but I've had recurring nightmares about the little animals. In my dreams I'm in Ireland, on a cliff, searching for something, and all of a sudden a hedgehog jumps out at me. Next thing I know I'm wide awake in bed, listening to my heart thud away like I've turned up the volume dial to INSANE.

So, that's my totally irrational freak kryptonite. Hedgehog nightmares.

I find it even more interesting when I point out to myself that I never have actually seen a hedgehog in the flesh. (But maybe it's better that way. I mean, look at this picture. The thing's positively rabid.)

Author of RAIN, a YA spy novel.

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