Friday, October 20, 2006

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What a great review I just got for Laura’s Secrets. Check it out!

You can run from your past but you can not hide. Laura Genny tries to keep firmly focused on the present and the future, but memories are harder to control and well up unexpectedly. When friend and mentor Ed Barslow gets Laura an audition with Tourist, she lands the job of her dreams. Being Head Sound Engineer for the international rock group will mean traveling with the band. There is a downside. Keeping secrets is never easy, especially when consorting with those in the spotlight.

The rocker lifestyle has long palled on Will Burns, lead guitarist of Tourist. The groupies and hangers on are a far cry from what he wants in a woman. Their new sound mixer is shy, professional and seems to be impervious to his charm. The intriguing woman is keeping her distance, but Will just wants to draw her close.

Ms. Greenland does a spectacular job on this wonderful love story. Not an easy thing to do when keeping such a disturbing topic as abuse in the background. We are given a sensitive portrayal of the effects long after the reality of abuse has come to an end.

Readers will love Will for his patience and support of the heroine. His is not the emotional battering ram technique to a relationship, but the real wooing that we as women adore.
There are few heroines that one aches so wholeheartedly for in the journey to love and healing. Laura’s tentative reaching out to Will and to happiness is an emotion filled thing to watch.
Laura’s Secrets is crafted thoroughly to fulfill the reader’s need for multifaceted characters, mystery, suspense and most of all romance.

Flashes of humor, fun episodes and tender scenes make this offering something far from being maudlin. Plot twists keep us on our toes, though foreshadowing keeps us from finding anything unexpected.

Fans of romance need only read this book to remember why we first fell in love with the genre. This is one for the keeper shelf.

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Mary Cunningham said...

Great review, Shannon! Well deserved!!!

Shannon Greenland said...

Thanks, Mary!

Ziomal said...

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