Friday, October 27, 2006

An excerpt

Hey everyone! Guess what? My editor just sent me the excerpt they’ll be using to promote my very first teen book THE SPECIALISTS: MODEL SPY. I also found out the exact month it’ll be in stores. May 2007! Yippee!

Here’s the excerpt…

The entire greenhouse brightened with white light, and a shrill siren went off.

David grabbed my hand, and we took off down the path. Metal grids began unrolling from the ceiling, securing the greenhouse’s glass panes and prohibiting anyone from exiting. We cut through hedges and greenery and slid through a spiny shrub to our entrance hole.

TL was right there, waiting for us. I glanced up to see a metal grid grinding toward us. David grabbed the back of my shirt and pants and shoved me through, then dove after me. A split second later, the grid slammed over our hole, shutting us out.

We bolted across the open frosty lawn to where Jonathan waited. In the distance we heard the pack of Dobermans. Jonathan dropped to his hands and knees at the base of the wrought-iron fence. Using him as a step, David bounced onto his back and over the ten-foot tall barrier. I went next with TL giving me a helpful push up and over. David caught me, TL landed beside us, and Jonathan quickly scaled the fence.

With Jonathan safely on our side, we took off across the road and into the woods.

A mile later, we burst through the trees on the outskirts of an Ushbanian town, a different one from where the modeling school and hotel were located. I knew from our preoperations session that we would split up if something like this happened. David and I in one direction, TL in another, and Jonathan in yet another.

A police siren pierced the air. David grabbed my hand and yanked me down an alley. We ran past a Dumpster and skidded to a halt when a police car pulled in the opposite end. David backed me up against the side of a building and plastered his body to mine. Our chests heaved against each other with winded breaths.

He buried his mouth against my ear. “Wrap. Your. Arms. Around. Me.”

I did as he instructed, my heart hammering, keeping the police car in my peripheral vision. It slowly rolled toward us. “It’s coming,” I hissed, desperately trying to think of what to do next.

“Sorry,” he mumbled right before crushing his mouth to mine.

Oh my God, I’m sixteen, and I’ve never been kissed. Please let me be doing this right.

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